Me, Neither

Have you ever had someone offend you because of something they said or did, but instead of saying, “Hey, your comments about X really hurt my feelings.” you just let the frustration build up into an anger bubble?  I think this is a major downfall of social media.  Because not only do you have the ability to get offended from time to time, you can re-read it as often as you like.
Then, when they do something simple that may or may not have been a jab at you, you take it as a huge personal insult and react, thus causing them to react to your reaction?  Then their reaction is so mean and harsh that even when you think about their response, you cry?  Then, you aren’t even sure how to respond, so you just do nothing at all, because really, that is probably best.
Yeah.  Me, neither.


About Jess

Boy Crazy, Cake Baker, LSU loving, LDS blogging Mama!
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