Mall Fun with my littlest guy

I love Westroads Mall’s first Wed. of the month’s kids club events.  Educational, fun, with a chance to win a prize at the end?  Yes, please!  Thank goodness I happened to see it was this morning when checking facebook, right after my haircut at Turning Heads!  We even got a free ice cream cone afterwards, compliments of a coupon handed out at the kids club to Dairy Queen.  Yay for ice cream!

It was the perfect break for Ethan and I from all the craft fair prep.  He’s such a trooper and actually a good helper (at times).  And I haven’t heard him complaining about the little bit of extra t.v. time he gets most days this week.

The craft fair is Saturday at Millard West High School for anyone who is interested in attending.  There are a few Omaha craft fairs I will be participating in…stay tuned for details on the others.


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