Imagination Movers review and giveaway!

When Brennan was very young (1) and we lived in Louisiana, we did not have cable.  It didn’t matter because we got LPB (Louisiana Public Broadcast, aka PBS for LA) and it was full of awesome shows Brennan loved when it was t.v. time.
One of the things I liked was when they’d play these songs by this group dressed up in blue jump suits…they were catchy tunes by 4 guys from down in South Louisiana-New Orleans!  The Imagination Movers!

Imagine my excitement and surprise when we moved to Omaha, NE, got cable, and discovered these Louisiana boys had their own Disney show!  We were hooked!

The Imagination Movers are moving on up and doing a great job!  They are about to go on tour after some brand new Disney Jr. shows air!  They aren’t coming anywhere near Nebraska, but that’s okay…because they have put out a brand new c.d. and dvd set so it is almost* as good as going to their concert.  Better if you factor in not having to pay for parking.  😉


Here’s some official info on the c.d/dvd:

Razor + Tie released The Movers’ ‘Rock-O-Matic’ album this year. The CD/DVD package

features the band’s most irresistible songs to date, live-action and animated music videos,

skits that recall old-school Movers comedy heroes like Monty Python and the Monkees and

the high-energy hijinks for which The Movers are famous.


Head over to ZooGlobble to watch the fun music video for standout-track “Everybody Sing”:


I think the best part of the Imagination Movers is that although their songs are geared towards the kids, as far as their messages are concerned, the music is rockin’ enough for adults to enjoy as well.  My nine year old doesn’t even object when we play this c.d. in the car (you’d think he was a teenager some days when it comes to music choices), though he felt he was “much too old” to watch the DVD…I watched it…and liked it…but that is our little secret!


Leave a comment telling me your favorite kiddie band to rock out to…or, if you don’t have one (are you living under a kid free rock?!?)  tell me who you’d give this combo pack to if you win.


Bonus (honor system!) Entry (leave a comment for each one if you do both)

Follow Imagination Movers here:!/imovers

Final Bonus Entry:  See if a show is coming near you and leave a comment.  (P.S.  They are giving away VIP tix at that link!)


Contest runs until September 20th.  Winner will be notified via email, so make sure that I can click your name and get to your email or leave it in your comment.



I was not paid for this article, though I did get a c.d./dvd combo out of the deal to keep for my boys to rock out to.  The opinions in this article are all mine!


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22 Responses to Imagination Movers review and giveaway!

  1. Kari says:

    We love the Movers. By far my girls favorite band. I love having something we can listen to/watch together as a family. ROM is an awesome CD!

  2. Anna Magdanz says:

    Callie has recently discovered the Laurie Berkner Band and I can’t say that I mind too much. They aren’t as annoying as some of the girls’ other favorites.

  3. Trina McCollister says:

    My boys love Inagination Movers! I even find myself singing along.

  4. amelia says:

    We do a lot of veggie tales not sure if that counts. We also use the fresh beat band but I used that more at the daycare.

  5. jeni caillouet says:

    The girls love imagination movers too! They probably tie with Raffie for favorite band. I’m okay with listening to either! We love the show and plan on a concert in our future!

  6. jeni caillouet says:

    Followed Facebook.

  7. Shannon says:

    Our favorite music is the Movers….all three of us can agree on it!

  8. Shannon says:

    I follow the Movers on Facebook.

  9. tonya says:

    My kids love the Imagination Movers they listen to one of their CDs everyday and at night to go to bed 🙂

  10. Megan R. says:

    We like Laurie Berkner Band around here!

  11. Megan R. says:

    Following on Twitter

  12. Megan R. says:

    Closest show is Wichita, KS. Boo. I really, really want to win this, because we have ONE kid CD in the car, and I kind of want to blow my brains out while listening to it over and over and over and over. Take pity on my ears!

  13. Nicole says:

    Laurie Berkner band is my favorite

  14. Nicole says:

    Closest to us is probably Wichita.

  15. Nicole says:

    follow @imovers on twitter @momsavesmoney

  16. Cathi says:

    I’d keep the cd! My little ones would love it! They’re so sad that Imagination Movers no longer comes on during their morning TV time!

  17. Cathi says:

    And you’d think since they’re Louisiana boys there’d be a Louisiana show, but nope. The closest looks like Austin, TX. *sigh* I guess no going to see the Movers for us.

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