a secret

Here’s a little secret for you:  When I have a dead line eating away at my mind, everything but that project takes on ubber importance.
With a cake due at 4:30 today, it has become of the ut-most importance to get the laundry washed and the utensil drawer sorted STAT.
I know the cake will get done (I am mostly done, just a few finishing touches) but it’s like my brain wants to be in near panic mode to finish it.
Weird, I know.
What do you do when you have a deadline looming before you?  Put your shoulder to the wheel and work hard, or find all those other little things that need attending to fill your time, until you are in a rush and a panic?
To be honest, I am a bit of both…depends on the project.  Seems today’s project is a “rush at the last second”  kind of project.

My 3 sweet boys…the older 2 are back at school today after a lovely 3 day weekend…and part of my dilly-dallying involves playing with Mr. E and his “house” he keeps building and knocking down. A great way to put off the “to-do’s”


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