Dentist and Death

I went to the dentist for filling #3 (the last one.  And I might punch the dentist in his teeth if he ever says I have another.  Man,violence is the theme of this post.)  I buttered the staff up by bringing cupcakes…and a lot of business cards. ; 0

I almost died y’all.  Well, not really, but SJ says maybe I have been having an allergic reaction to the numbing shots and that is why my tongue felt so swollen up…because it was trying to kill me.  I mean, I have a fat tongue, but this was crazy.

And what does my bestie do when I tell her this startling discovery?

Let me show you.  Copied from our actual IM conversation:

M:  Id be pretty pissed if you died
       I’d probably punch your corpse

Man, I am so grateful to have such a loving friend.  I mean, she would be so upset with me dying that she’d actually punch me.  True friendship there.

Here’s how I repaid her devotion to me:

me:   i just told bart you are not allowed to come to my funeral

Jessica and Megan. Before I had cavities. Or, I should say…before I went to the dentist (a year and a half after this picture was taken.)

I think she got my point.  At least BVG (more on her later…she is sending a box of fabric goodies and I can’t wait AND I am a bag model for her because Megan has no other friends.) would defend me at my funeral if Megan punched me.  Brooke, you are invited to my funeral.  I’ll have pina colada cupcakes.

What would YOUR friends do for you at your funeral?

I hope mine will make sure they put mascara on me and a little bit of lipstick, so I don’t look too pale.


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