Ethan came down to my work room this morning, mouth full of something, holding something in his hand.

“Mom!  These cookies are ROTTEN!” he proclaimed.  “They are going to make me SICK!”

“What cookies?”  I asked.  “Ethan, we don’t have any cookies!”

He shows me what he is holding in his hand…a break and bake sugar cookie, straight from the fridge. (Only the best in this house!)  We’d only baked one sheet (I guess that is what you call them?) and I was planning on baking the second sheet this afternoon as a little “first week of school is OVER” celebration.  Guess each kid only gets two cookies each now, since Ethan dined on raw cookie dough as a mid-morning snack.


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One Response to Rotten!?!

  1. Barb says:

    I used to love to eat raw sugar cookie dough! That’s the good stuff!

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