Those Boys Are So Silly

Below is a word document of funny things the boys said and did while I was at Girls Night Out last Thursday.  It was too funny not to share.  I am thankful I have a thoughtful husband who recorded it all for me to read and laugh at when I got home.  I love my boys!

Written by Bart:

Jackson just patted my belly and said “belly, I know what it’s like to eat a ton.”

He also said “Dad look, I have fat legs.”  I told him his legs were not fat and he said “Well look, they shake around.”

Finally, I caught him rubbing deodorant all over his body – face, legs etc. because he wanted to “smell good.”

But he wasn’t finished.  He then pointed to his canine teeth and said “these two are my tough teeth, my meat eaters.”

Then Brennan got it on it.  A girl on Wipeout said she used to take baby animals from the woods and raise them.  When the show ended and she won, Brennan said “Good.  Now she can pay for animal food and the $5,000 fine for stealing animals from the National Parks.”  That was never said on the show.


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