Ethan has started tattling on his brothers…and it is hilarious! (Nope, hasn’t reached that annoying part yet)

He’ll turn to me (because I am sitting right there and already witnessed the whole thing, thus canceling the need for a good tattle, anyway), “mOm, Jackson just said butthead!  We don’t say butthead!  It’s a bad word.  mOm, are you going to wash his mouth with soap because it’s dirty?  Jackson, we do not say butthead!  You are in trOUble with mOm!”

His singsong tone of voice when he says mOm is what starts me cracking up (inside, on the outside, I am strong, firm, “notattlingorsayingbutthead” face on).  He only uses that tone of voice to tattle.
Then, the part where he says the offending word more times than the offender did, classic amateur tattling fail.

I am, of course, trying to teach him you don’t tattle on your brothers unless their was violence or injury involved…so far it is a big mommy fail for Ethan there…but if the only thing he keeps tattling about is the boys lovely vocabulary (where did my 6 and 9 year old even learn these words?  butthead, buttface, butt-anything, really), then I guess I can handle it…for now.  Any suggestions on helping my boys learn that those words are gross and not necessary to add to their daily vocabulary?  I’m running out of soap.  😉


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