We ♥ the Lincoln, NE zoo

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We took my brother and sister-in-law, visiting for a day from Louisiana, to the Lincoln, NE zoo last weekend.  It’s a small zoo, much smaller then the Omaha Zoo, but when we got to the Omaha Zoo, the guy directing traffic said something about enjoying the day with 12,000 of our favorite Omaha friends.  No thank you, we hoped right back on I-80 and headed to Lincoln.

Really, it was a win for us that the Omaha Zoo was a *bit* too crowded because after the Lincoln zoo, we washed our hands really well (Lincoln has a lot of accessible animals that we petted) and ate at Raisin’ Canes!  ONE LOVE!  I love that even though my brother worked at a Raising Canes in Louisiana during his college years, he still loves their chicken.  🙂  We do, too!  We can’t wait until the Raising Canes they announced would be built in Omaha gets here!  I seriously want a part-time job there, just to be around all that delicious fried chicken!

Jess and Justin…feel free to stop by any time on those long treks from Louisiana to Idaho.

And if you ever visit Nebraska, check out the Omaha Zoo…and if it is too full and you would rather walk on hot coals then be near that many people staring at animals, head down I-80 for about 45 minutes and check out the Lincoln Zoo and Raising Canes!



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One Response to We ♥ the Lincoln, NE zoo

  1. ndjmom says:

    For little guys the Lincoln Zoo is the perfect size. It’s down to their level. The preschool class through 1st grade always went to Lincoln. When they got older it was Omaha, but I really don’t think they “saw” as many animals as they did climb around, walk around and just go from one exhibit to the next.

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