Meghan and Jason, Sitting In A Tree….

We attended a wedding earlier this summer.  The wedding had science experiments and Indian rituals.  The reception had a d.j. and dancing.  It was like it was tailored for my sons enjoyment.

Though Brennan was very hesistant, I got him to dance with me at the reception.  It was about the sweetest thing of the day, other then the kick a** cake I had baked for the occasion.  😉  This past year, he’s developed a “girls have cooties” phobia.  It’s hilarious at times (a girl I babysat needed to borrow one of his outfits to wear home as hers was wet from sprinkler play…he insisted on washing it three times before he would let it go back into his drawers.  Why?  To get the cooties off), but I want to dance with my buddy at a wedding…so he had to get over it, at least for one song.

Ethan rocked out at the wedding.  He loves dancing, so being in a place where others were dancing as well was right up his alley.  I don’t have a picture of him dancing, because his “Moves Like Jaggar” were too quick and caused blurry pictures.

When it was time for us to leave, each boy approached Meghan and gave her a hug, told her she was beautiful, and wished her well.  Manners and kindnesses are taught, not just inherited, so it was a great teaching moment…oh, and Meghan really was (and is!) beautiful!  Do any of you guys do that?  Coach your kids on the proper or nicest thing to say when they are leaving an event?  I’ve always told my kids to thank the hostess for inviting them and tell her she had a nice time.  It’s now become second nature to them and I love it!

Congratulations Meghan and Jason…you two looked so happy on your wedding day. I pray that look and feeling stay with you always!


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