Sunday Showcase…50th Birthday Blowout!

50th Birthday cake inspired by the Rolling Stones, who happen to have had their 50th anniversary a few days before this!  How fun is that?

And the best part?
Check out the INSIDE of the cake….

TIE DYED CAKE!  Such a fun surprise.  It was super easy to do.

1.  Make as much white cake mix as you need for both pans and prepare your pans.
2.  Divide the white batter into however many bowls you want color for.  I did five colors (blue, red, yellow, orange, and green).
3.  Now is the fun part! Squirt a bit of food coloring (I use Amerigel for it’s brighter colors) into each bowl and stir up!  Don’t worry if it is not perfectly blended…it’s a TIE DYE cake and having a bit of variation in the color is great.  Leave at least 2 cups of the batter white…tie dye has white spots.
4.  Using a seperate spoon (or ice cream scooper, ladle, whatever you have on hand), dish out large scoops of each color, randomly, into both pans.  I would put about 1 cup of one color in one pan, then the other, then switch to a different color.  I wanted larger areas because I didn’t want to be doing it all night long with tiny spots of color AND…tie dyed shirts tend to have large areas of color.  I did smaller spots of white and gently spread it out.  The other colors I did not spread out, I left as blobs.
5.  Once you are done, bake your cake as directed, frost, and enjoy the look of surprise as your guests cut into the cake!
6.  P.S.  I know this cake isn’t so much tie dyed as it is multicolored…I guess you could do a true tie dyed cake following the zebra cake method and one or two colors, but my cake batter recipe is too thick to produce that sort of a cake.

And there you have it.  A 6 step tutorial on something you probably knew how to do the second you saw the picture.

You are welcome.


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