Being the best I can be for today

I read this quote on facebook on’s page:

“Please don’t nag yourself with thoughts of failure. Don’t set goals far beyond your capacity to achieve. Simply do what you can do, in the best way you know how and the Lord will accept your effort.”— President Gordon B. Hinckley, Prophet, LDS Church

I love it so much.  Simply do what you can do the best you can…and it is enough.

Ethan’s best on the Fourth of July: Just drag the scooter behind…making it to the end of the parade was all he wanted to do, but he could not ride his scooter any longer.

Too often I think we compare ourselves to others who we view as “better” then us.
Better hair.
Better house.
Better cakes/crafts/clothes.
Better job/photography skills/behaved children.
The list goes on and on.

We each have to look within ourselves and figure out how to overcome comparing ourselves to others, comparing ourselves to a perfect us that doesn’t exist, and figure out how to set realistic goals for ourselves.
No, we don’t need to turn into slackers, accepting “good enough” or “eh, it’ll do” (though we all have those days when “eh, it’ll do” is what works for us).  We need to strive for excellence and doing the BEST we can.  But we also have to learn to accept when our BEST is someone else’s “good enough” or “what the heck was that person thinking?”.

I know this kind of seems to contradict my thoughts on “we can do hard things” and do YOUR best…but really, they go together perfectly.  If you are doing YOUR best, it is the BEST you can do and that is good enough.  God will be happy.   You should be happy.  This life is too short to be not enjoy it, to spend your time trying to be perfect.

On that note…I will set the goal that tomorrow I will sweep the living room (Jack’s job has been to vacuum them all week, but they need more on occasion) but not worry about under the couches…so I won’t feel like a failure when it doesn’t get done.  😉


At the end of the parade, all 3 boys were tired and sweaty. 2 had ridden bikes for the entire distance, 1 drug his scooter for most of the journey (well, I carried it). It didn’t matter, they did the best they could and they all got the same “reward” at the end.


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