College Home Run Derby, 2012 {Omaha Summer Fun}

We got to the Home Run Derby (to be referred to as HRD from now on) early…not because the earlier you got there the better your seat was (I had purchased tickets weeks in advance, section 116, row 20 something, decent seats, but the outfield is where the good seats are for this event…if you want to catch the balls.)…but because I was DETERMINED to get a free parking spot at a meter.  AND I DID…and it put me on cloud nine.
Not even my sunburned skin or the extreme heat could crush my awesome mood from scoring free parking.  True story!

I am glad we got there early, though, because the line formed quickly behind us (there were only a few in front of us).  The boys behaved (for the most part) and were excited for the night to begin, even though it was so hot, I think I literally could have fried an egg on the side walk.  (As a side note, you can bring empty clear bottles into the TD Ameritrade park and fill them at the water fountains.  Not as cold as their bottled water, but free beats the pants off of $4 a bottle anyday!)
There was a lot to experience this night.  (July 3rd)

  • opening ceremonies, honoring “the cold war veterans”, since it was on July 3rd…it was all fine and dandy except the main speaker whose talk went on and on and on.  I felt like I was in a run-away sacrament meeting, with no escape in sight.
  • parachuters coming in (it was super cool, especially the American flag man)
  • the starting lineup…who knew LSU had Mason Katz in the game? not us!
  • the HRD…Mason led the first two rounds, but lost the HRD since the third round throws out all the points from the first two rounds…but, shh…it doesn’t air on t.v. until Saturday so don’t tell that I told you!
  • Pictures below of just those events….keep going for the rest of the events!

The American Flag presentation during the singing of the National Anthem…see how there are lots of empty seats?  By the end of the HRD, the whole place was packed!

The Home Run Derby Line Up

Katz at bat…his pitcher was a coach from Tulane and his good friend.

Watching the events. Jackson was very into the game.  Too bad the cameras didn’t capture how adorable my kids are to show the world on Saturday from 1-2 p.m.  I think on CBS?

After the Derby was over, there were even MORE events!

  • people had to file out of the outfield seats and onto the actual field so they could see the fireworks show that would be taking place there.
  • we decided we needed to do this as well…I mean, duh, of COURSE we want to go on the field…we are cool like that.  Bart likes to brag about going into weird places, and this qualifies.  (I thought it was pretty cool, too, let’s be honest)
  • as we are filing on, there was a WEDDING taking place at home plate.  Brennan got sick at all the K.I.S.S.I.N.G going on (there was a kiss cam, lol) and said he did not understand what kissing is all about.  I did not understand why they did not serve us some cake and punch.
  • after the wedding, there was a short concert by Cowboy Mouth.  (We’re from New Orleans and We’re Cowboy Mouth!  Oh, how we LOVE them!)  They only played a few songs, but man, they were as good as ever. Bart and I wondered if they had to fly all their equipment or if they just rented some here.  It seems like a lot of money to bring all your stuff for just a few songs.

By this time it is late…I mean, like 10:30 at night late.  Plenty dark enough for fireworks, even for Omaha, land of the eternal summer sun.  I swear, vampires would not be able to prosper if they lived here in the summertime.  It’s no Forks, Wa.

Jackson was so tired that he fell asleep during the concert. He woke right up and stayed awake during the fireworks show, though.

If I weren’t a lazy blogger, I’d dig out Brennan’s baby book and scan the picture of Brennan’s first ever concert…Cowboy Mouth…at the ripe old age of 4 months old!

And finally… was time for the FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The show boasted as being the longest (or best?  I can’t remember, it was very late by this point) this side of the Mississippi River.  It was for sure an amazing sight and I am so glad we got to see it…all 28 minutes of it.  It was cool how the fireworks were kind of “timed” to the music they were playing.
I think we will for sure attend this event in the future.  I am so glad my friend offered her discount so we could go for a reduced rate (it’d be worth it full price, too!) because we all know I love a good deal and that sometimes the fact something was free/a good deal, makes me love the event even more.

It was such a cool experience, to be laying on the ground with maybe 10,000 other people, enjoying the magic of FIRE and fun! I enjoyed just seeing how cute my little family was almost more then watching the show. Also, I had a bad sunburn on my back and laying down hurt, so looking at them was easier since I sat up more then I laid down.

As the magic of the moment broke and we returned to reality,  it was great to know we’d went on such a magical adventure with the boys.  We got to cheer for LSU, see a wedding, laugh together, wear a popcorn bucket on our heads (all of us), and just have a good time as a family.  A HOT but good time.

So, who’s going to join us next year?  We’ll save you a seat!

After the derby….we got to jump a fence to get out of the stadium, lol!


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