I am really digging my kids this summer

Hard as it may seem to believe, but most summers, I just dread.

I mean, they are so long, and boring, and expensive.  School is out for So.Many.Months.  And it just drags on and on, even with the break we have taken each year (but not this year) to Louisiana.

But this summer, I’ve been trying harder to BE PRESENT with the boys…and let me tell you, it has made a difference!

I really feel a connection with them, especially Brennan.  He is just the funniest kid and has some really unique ideas.  It’s fun to get to hear his thoughts and opinions, and let his opinions matter, too.

We have been busy at parks, libraries, picnics, and more…and we are loving every minute of it.  I did a blog post of free things to do in Omaha in June and that helped fill in that month…this month sort of filled up on its own (so no free blog post, sorry dudes)…full of fun that we will share some days with friends, other days alone. 

I’ve got to tell you the best part of this BEING PRESENT for the summer…the snuggles, hugs, kisses, and kind words to me.  I am LOVING it!  Jackson has always wanted to snuggle during church meetings, but not Brennan.  Yesterday, though, he pulled my arm around his shoulder and snuggled for half the meeting.  I love that they are still small enough to be cute and adorable and melt my heart like that.

So, if your summer seems to be going a bit wild and all over the place, try to BE with your kids more and see if that helps.  It sure helped me.  There are no big trips to Disney or a beach, no vacations to see family or friends this year…but I am hoping it will be a summer they remember, all the same.


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