This boy turned NINE YEARS OLD yesterday.


Where the heck does time go?

I am pretty certain he was just a babe in my arms…and now he is much too big to be held, and besides, he wants to squirm away anyways and he probably smells like sweat and Old Spice Fiji and popcorn butter and he probably needs to be doing very important things, not hanging out with his dorky old mom.

I just can’t believe it…NINE YEARS OLD.

When we had a quiet moment at Worlds of Fun yesterday, I thanked him for allowing me to be his mother and also for allowing me to learn on him and make mistakes sometimes.

Because this parenting thing?  A total learning experience…new things every day.  I’ve got to admit, as far as kids go, I am lucky Brennan was first because he’s made learning a whole lot easier…except for that whole picky eater thing.  I should share how I (kind of) broke my boys of being picky eaters one day.  Man, that was a doozie of a challenge to overcome…all created by the parents.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENNAN!  I love you, even if you did choose to have brownies with rolos in them instead of a cake for your birthday.  😉


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