The neighbors are moving

At the beginning of May, our next door neighbors put up a FOR SALE sign.

A flutter of excitement entered my mind.  The perfectly manicured lawn neighbors are moving?  It’s a spring miracle!

You might be asking yourself, WHY would I want neighbors who take amazing care of their lawn and spend hundreds of dollars each spring making it better to move?  They are quiet, their teenage boys are well behaved and occasionally play ball with my boys, and once or twice, they even snow-blowed my sidewalk.

Well…simple.  They intimidate me.  If I cut my grass on Monday morning, you can bet your sweet day lillies that by Monday night, their grass will be freshly trimmed…even if it was just cut that weekend.  If I weedeat the fence line (once in a blue moon), then they not only weedeat on their side, but they also magically make their flowers in the backyard a little brighter and their grass a little greener.  Now, I do believe (read:  hope) if they didn’t have two teenage boys at home, it’d not be quite so perfect…and I am holding my breath as my boys get older that MY yard will reach their level of awesome…I will hold this family’s level of nice yard over their heads as a goal they can never reach.  (Please note, I do admire their lawn, maybe I even have jealousy issues with it?)

So, when the perfectly manicured lawn house sold in less then two weeks, I was excited for this change.  Finally, I will not feel the pressure to have a showcase yard (HA, for those of you who have seen my yard, you know I kid.  You know I have a clover patch that won’t go away and spotty grass and weeds in the flower beds that magically grow each spring).

But…it has taken them forever to actually do the moving.  This weekend we noticed a lot of in and out with their  SUV’s.  And today, bigger things are coming out.  So, bye bye perfect neighbors who were quiet and loved your yard like I love my blue jeans (with an undying devotion).  Good luck in your new golf course neighborhood where everyone who plays the 10th hole will develop a complex about their yard because yours is so amazing.
Hello newly married couple who is childless…I hope you are just a little bit lacking in the lawn care department because you work late hours and don’t seem to have as much time as you thought to keep up with weed eating, just to make me feel better about myself.  I wonder if the new neighbors would care if I sprayed weed killer along the fence line?  The fence line on the other side looks so much better because of that weed killer…but then again, nobody lives in that house to know my dirty little secret.

Though…the new neighbors could be LOUD.  And TRASHY.  And NEVER care for their lawn…oh, what have I done?  Wishing away the perfect that was there?  Is it too late to sabotage this move?


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