Flippin’ Out

There are just some really awesome (fake) glasses out there.  Glasses that scream, “1985 called, do you want to come out and play?”  Glasses that allow you to have everything you need at one time.  Plastic covering your eyes (you never know when a run away french fry might fly right into your eye) for protection, AND sunglasses.  Never again will you have to wonder WHERE you put your fake glasses because you were wearing your really rad sunglasses…Best of both worlds!


Even Ethan had to get in on the flip action:

Where can YOU find such lovely fake eye accessories?  Why Claire’s of course!  Hurry to your nearest one and snatch up a pair today.  If Claire’s doesn’t have any, get some duct tape and super glue…


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Boy Crazy, Cake Baker, LSU loving, LDS blogging Mama!
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