Date Night with my 3 little men at Applebee’s

Bart had to work late last night, so I took my 3 little men on a date…to Applebee’s.  I had 3 free kids meal coupons, so I only had to pay for my food (score!), which is why I even thought to take the boys on such a hubba-hubba hot date.

The boys were excited to get to “go out” with me and we had a nice time.  But, it seemed to me that the portion size of everyone’s meal was very small.  I don’t remember ever leaving a restaurant where every bite of food was eaten.  I mean, we are not piggies, but all 4 of us cleared our plates…it was weird.
Okay,I lied…not every bite.  I put all the mushrooms that were grilled with the onions onto its own little plate, far from me.  Mushrooms=Satan’s food.

The food at Applebee’s, as I am sure you all know, is just “okay”…not the best, not the worst.  Brennan said that the chicken fingers were 100x’s better then Burger King’s (not sure if that is a huge compliment?).  My chicken and shrimp were supposed to be “blackened”…all they did was put a pepper spread of some sort on top in a glob, which I then scrapped off to enjoy the meat and grilled onions below it.

The server was nice and the location was clean, so that was good.  The College World Series was playing on the t.v. so the boys enjoyed watching some baseball, even if Florida was losing to Kent State…

We had a fun time and maybe made some lasting memories (?)…I hope the boys remember these times were I try to show them they are special and their opinions matter (by picking their meal, lol).  Was it the best food in Omaha?  No.  Did the boys care?  No.  They were just happy we were “eating out at a fancy restaurant”.
Hm…maybe we need to figure out how to budget in dining out more often, so they will know what a fancy restaurant is?  Watch out Chophouse, here we come!  🙂


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