Night Potty Training Fail

Tonight, Bart tells Ethan, “I’ve got two secrets to tell you.  Number one:  You’ve got poo in your pants”  (Holding up one finger.)
Then Ethan says (Holding up two fingers), “I’ve got pee in my diaper, too.”

We laughed so much we just couldn’t go on…which led Ethan to say, “HEY DON’T LAUGH AT ME!”


Later this same night…

I am trying to find Ethan to put him to bed.  I am upstairs (where I thought he was) and I ask if anyone has seen Ethan.

No, of course not.

Bart says, “Maybe he got into the attic” (joking of course).

Jackson, who was standing under the string for the attic says, “How could he get in the attic, he’s not as big as me, he’s only to here!”  (Holding his hand to his chest).


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