The one where I admit two amazing things that you do NOT want to miss

1.  Go here to read all about my “training” (and at this point, I use that word VERY loosely) for the 5K I am going to “run” in with some friends in October.  HAHAHAHAHA…I think I turned crazy person on y’all.

2.  It has been decided, by Bart…that the character Liz Lemons, of NBC’s 30 Rock, was based on me and my life.  I mean, we even own the same striped blue and white gap long sleeve tee shirt.  It’s like we are the same person!

3.   I made a cake for Bart’s co-worker.  She “hates” the 80’s (1980’s) so what does he decide to put on top of the cake?  This collage of all things 1980’s…he is fired from designing future cakes.  (And THAT is why there are only two amazing things admitted, b/c this one is not amazing!)


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Boy Crazy, Cake Baker, LSU loving, LDS blogging Mama!
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