Baby Ninja Vs. The Vampires

Most nights, if you creep up the stairs after 7:30 p.m., and put your ear to Ethan’s door, you will be taken to a land of fantasy and pleas for strawberry milk.

With battles of sleeping and trying hard as possible to stay awake.

Of good and evil.

Of Baby Ninjas and Vampires.

The battles that happen are epic.  Baby Ninjas forced to grow up years before their time, to defend their people and battle…the Vampires.

The stories are garbled, but the conclusion is always this:  The Baby Ninjas defeat those Vampires and someone gets sent to the closet.

I wish I could understand more of his stories as he tells them to himself, in the dark, each night, but I can’t.  When you open up his door, all the nighttime creatures run and hide and it is just a sleepy Ethan, asking why I came in to his room.

So, for now, I have to just know that our home is safe, thanks to the many Baby Ninjas coming out to battle each night.


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3 Responses to Baby Ninja Vs. The Vampires

  1. Pyper says:

    I love Ethan’s stories…I wish I could teach his class every week just so we can discuss the adventures of the baby ninjas.

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