The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge {Omaha fun}

We finally made it to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, crossing the “Mighty Missouri”  (snort, that just feels wrong to type, having lived near the MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI for most of my life…) by foot.

We all had a nice time and I was surprised by the amount of people out and on the bridge that day.  It was a really nice day, though, so I guess I can understand the appeal.  Currently the Iowa side is pretty undeveloped, but you could see that they were building something there…I am sure it will be neat.  We will have to go back when they are done to check it out.

The boys thought it was very cool to have their feet in Iowa and Nebraska…and insisted on taking a thousand and one pictures there.

There is a fountain (I guess that is what you call it?) at the bottom of the bridge and the boys had a blast playing…until they discovered they did not have dry clothes to put on for the rest of our adventures!

After our adventures there, we went to the Gene Leah Slides (which don’t work nearly as fast if you have a wet butt…in fact, they hardly work at all if you are wet!), Taco Bell, and Orange Leaf.  Overall a very fun and adventuresome morning!


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