Brookhaven Residential Park {Omaha Public Park Review}

Yesterday, we loaded up the Kia and took a little trip to 110/Harrison to visit Brookhaven Residential Park.

I had children ranging in age from 3.5 to 9.5 years old, both boys and girls.  Having never been to the park, I was a little nervous the older kids might be bored (we were meeting a friend with a 3.5 year old and she loved the park, but would the older kids?).

How fun is this toy? The kids LOVED it.

The kids were off in a dash and my fears were for naught.  The park, though small, had a lot to offer:  swings, baby swings, a see-saw, a zip line, and and slide/climbing structure.  The slide area was least interesting to the big kids, but Jack, age 6, and Ethan, age 3, loved it.  I was told there is a second park behind a group of trees that has more slides and climbing structures.  Next time we go back, we will check that part out.

There were benches and shade for the mama’s to sit and watch their children with ease.  The smallness of the park made it easy to keep a close eye on all the kids, which was good, having 5 there.  It also made me not worry when a teenager, there with a boy maybe 10, offered to push the kids with “underdoggies” as he was doing to the boy he was in charge of.  The kids LOVED it.  Brennan says, “He pulled us up and back and shoved us into the air.  It was awesome.  I felt like I dove to heaven!”

3 little buddies. Ethan is forever randomly asking when he will see his buddies and re-confirming that they are all 3 years old.

If this park had had a public restroom (ha, not happening in Omaha) or a port-a-potty, it would have been just about perfect.  The park was clean, the grounds were well kept, and I didn’t notice any graffiti on any playground equipment.  We plan on going back again, even without the bathroom option…but then again, it doesn’t hurt that the Rotella Bread Factory Retail Store is just 2 blocks away…


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2 Responses to Brookhaven Residential Park {Omaha Public Park Review}

  1. Nice to see that they have big play area for children’s.

  2. FunMom says:

    I just seen this park and thought the same thing. Maybe I will have my son’s birthday here. Im not to sure about not having a bathroom but we will work it out.

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