FREE things to do with the kids this summer in Omaha, NE JUNE edition

***Updated:  Hydrant parties are back in Omaha!  I think these would be so fun!  Find out what location is closest to you here! ***

***Yoga Rocks the Park…I’ve got a friend who has been doing this and it seems fun!  They are every Sunday at 4 p.m. at Turner Park at Midtown Crossing. ***

Do you live in the Omaha area and need some fun, free things to do with your kids without breaking the bank?  Check out my list…and come back weekly as I will be updating it as I find more items to add.  I will add new items to the top of the list so you won’t have to worry about searching through the entire list.

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I am not including complete details if there is a website that explains it all for you.
Here is the link for all kids movies.  I only listed the FREE ones, not the ones that cost $2 per person, since I will have 5 kids with me this summer.

And check out my weekly (until it gets too darn hot to go to the park) post I will be doing reviewing parks in the Omaha area.  First one up:  The Fish Park (I’ve got to find out its real name, Saddle something…)

June 2-3:  Sand in the City Family Festival
June 6-7:  Free* movie:  Happy Feet 2 at Aksarben Cinema.  Doors open at 9:30, show starts at 10.  This event is not free…but almost.  Either bring 1 canned food item per person or pay $1 each.  Money/food to go to “Together”
June 6:  Westroads Mall Kids Club:  Dinosaurs, 10:30-11:30
June 8-10:  Omaha Summer Arts Festival
June 8:  Free movie:  Cars 2 at Sumtur Amphitheater (Walnut Creek)
June 11 and 14:  Free movie:  Legends of Guardian at Rave.  Starts at 10
June 12 and 13:  Free movie:  Smurfs at Great Escapes.  Starts at 9:30
June 13 and 14:  Free* movie:  Horton Hears a Who at Aksarben Cinema.  Starts at 10.
June 14:  Shadow Lake Kids Club
June 18 and 21:  Free movie:  Yogi Bear at Rave.  Starts at 10
June 19 and 20:  Free movie:  Hop at Great Escapes.  Starts at 9:30
June 20 and 21:  Free* movie:  Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 at Aksarben Cinema.  Starts at 10.
June 25 and 28:  Free movie:  Happy Feet 2 at Rave.  Starts at 10.
June 26 and 27:  Free movie:  Puss in Boots at Great Escapes.  Starts at 9:30.
June 27 and 28:  Free* movie:  Rio at Aksarben Cinema.  Starts at 10.

June 9 and 23:  Free outside movie at Camp Fontanelle.  You can even cook supper using their campfires or make smores during the movie.  This seems like it will be really neat.

June 21-July 8:  Shakespeare on the Green
Saturdays in June and July:  Concerts at Aksarben Village.

Fridays in June:  Free concerts at Shadow Lake

Check your local library (look online) to see what fun events are going on at your site.  Mine has a lot of neat activities the boys and I will be checking out.

This calendar is full of events happening in the downtown area.

Jeff Quinn’s summer schedule (free events)

The Omaha Community Centers all have lots of free and really cheap events going on.  Check out the center nearest you.

Any day:
Spray grounds
Parks:  A girl friend and I plan on taking our kids to a different park in Omaha once a week all summer.
Bowling (just pay for shoes!)
Skating (just pay for skates!)
Old Market:  Slides at Gene Leah Mall (don’t forget cardboard or wax paper!), the pedestrian bridge, just wandering around taking “urban” pictures, lol.
This site has a lot of fun and free activities listed to try out.  Check it out because it is just rich with ideas!
This site has 1o things to do for under $5 in Omaha.

For those with babies:  Metro Star Gymnastics:  baby open gym every Tuesday morning from 9:15 – 9:45. It is for “non-walkers” only and it is free.

I’d like to thank all the friends who submitted these activities to me.  If you have any activities to add for any of the summer months, for Omaha or surrounding areas, please leave a comment with a link to the event (and date) or details to share.  Thanks so much!

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