Mother’s Day was A-Okay

Lots of handmade art treasures from the boys

Mother’s day was lovely.
Because I slept in until 10 and it was amazing!
And when I woke up, Bart had prepared a breakfast fit for a queen and it was so yummy!  (Blueberry pancakes made w/ buttermilk and graham cracker crumbs with cream cheese filling and blueberry syrup)

Jack posing with me (in my sexy pj shirt) while I eat my breakfast.

I woke up exactly at ten a.m. to Brennan and Jackson jumping up and down and telling me I HAD to come downstairs right away!!!  They were so excited (and Jack thought he was so sneaky that I hadn’t seen his art project or plant he’d planted.  I had but of course I will never tell him!) to show me what they’d done.

Poem By Brennan

Brennan wrote me a poem inserted into a very colorfully illustrated card.

Even on Mother’s Day we love our TIGERS!

Jackson made this pretty painting at school. I just love kindergarten art work!

It was a great day and I am very grateful for these three boys of mine who call me MOTHER.

OH…I have to tell you about Ethan.
The boys all got up to sing a Mother’s Day song in church, as is tradition. Ethan was very excited and marched right up, stood right in front. Then, once everyone was situated and ready to sing, he got really nervous and just put his head down in his arm and covered his head.  It was really funny and adorable.  I was kicking myself for not having my phone because I would have taken a picture, even if that is normally not done in Sacrament meetings.


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