Lamar’s Donuts…aren’t we lucky?

So many yummy choices

Such a great morning for donuts..

We are so lucky…we have this amazing donut shop in Omaha, LaMar’s Donuts.  We are even MORE lucky to have it be far from my home.  Why is that lucky?  Because for less then $10, you can get one dozen mouth watering delicious donuts!  And that means being a HUGE inconvenience to get to is a good thing.  🙂

I had to deliver a cake in this general direction one Sunday morning in April, so the boys rode with me and got to pick two donuts each…one to go with their lunch before church and one for the next day.  The boys LOVED getting to see all the donuts and pick just which ones they wanted.  They even had free samples of blueberry cake donuts (MY favorite) and Brennan learned he liked them, too.

I like LaMar’s more then I like Krispy Kreme so I was happy…oh, and true fact:  Their original glazed donuts has only 220 calories.  A bagel with cream cheese has over 400!

So, if you are ever visiting Omaha, or live in Omaha and happen to be near Harrison and about 170th, stop in!  You won’t regret it!


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