It’s Friday, yay! yay! yay!

All I can say is HEAVEN ON EARTH is biting into this cupcake…

Fridays are a busy day for me.  I turn circles of sugar and flour baked into a cake into works of art on Fridays.

This Friday, I got to turn miniature cakes (aka:  CUPCAKES!) into these pretty and delicious bite size melt-in-your-mouth awesomeness.

The only down side is that I am trying to avoid eating little bits of heaven in order to try to make the 30 Day Shred be beneficial…I’ve got a dress I want to wear to a wedding in one month and I need to trim a little fat off the edges to make that happen.

NOW…speaking of FRIDAYS!  Let me tell you about last Friday night.  (Now que this song in your head now….)


Megan’s 32nd BIRTHDAY BASH…In pictures.

Another surprise for Megan…she better bring her A game to my birthday this year… 🙂
Oh, and dinner at AGAVE in Dundee…delicious pork tacos…for realz y’all!

Megan and the preggos. Megan, some drink with gummy bears soaking at the bottom…the girls? Water…and even being pregnant, they got hit on…everybody did. It was so funny the whole night. And fun. And awkward. And memorable.  And I got this one picture for blackmail if Megan doesn’t bring her A game to my next birthday.  😉

Best Cake EVER…The Bloggess would be proud.


Set 1 of Besties

Set 2 of Besties


KARAOKE!!!! At Goldeez


Megan, I hope you had a great birthday…because I sure had a great girls night out.  I think that is mostly due to that amazingly delicious pina colada cake!  LOVE YOU!


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2 Responses to It’s Friday, yay! yay! yay!

  1. This was seriously the most fun birthday ever!! I kind of want to do it again, but waaaaay before my birthday. Because who wants to wait a year??? Oh, and the drink? Lemonade and grey goose. 🙂 Cause the goose will make you loose!!!!! Thanks for being an awesome best friend, I love you too!

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