Yard Work=My Worst Enemy {The Joys of Boys…one day}

My husband has Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  He does help some with the yard work, but a majority of it falls on me…because I’d rather cut the grass and be hot and bothered for a few minutes then have him cut the grass and have a major episode.  (Go to July 2010 in the archives of my old blog to find out more.)  He does do it sometimes, don’t get me wrong, but as the temperatures creep up, up, up, I will be doing it more and more.

I don’t mind cutting the grass in the  front yard that much.  That is easy.  Mostly flat, just a few annoying spots.  I don’t even hate the back yard, even though it has a beast of a hill in it…I won’t say the back yard and I are BFF’s, but I’d say we can at least be cordial to each other in passing.

It’s the weeds and landscaping that I hate.  They are everywhere!  You have to weed eat the fence lines, the bottom of the hill, around the landscaping, along the sidewalk.  And…that is where my enemy lies.  It’s not so hard, the weed eating.  It just seems so time consuming.  We have an electric weed eater, so there is the untangling of the cords, the finding the perfect spot to plug in the cords, the moving the cords around, over, up, down.

I just hate it.  And…I can’t wait until THESE GUYS are old enough to take over the reigns:

Bart started showing Brennan how to use the lawn mower, but I feel that almost 9 is a little too young to use the mower…what do you guys think?

They do help with the pulling of weeds in cracks and other places, but no weed eating or lawn mowing for them…I am counting down the days until they are big enough to be my lawn boys while I sit under a nice fan sipping lemonade and pointing out spots they missed.


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3 Responses to Yard Work=My Worst Enemy {The Joys of Boys…one day}

  1. PapaJeff says:

    A bit too young for the mower on your yard, but soon!

  2. CLARK says:

    There are ward members willing to help you….and the Missionaries…what day do you do your lawm?

    • Jessica says:

      Oh, it varies…I should put those missionaries to work though, shouldn’t I? 🙂 We have two lawn mowers, once we get the wheel on the second one fixed (I need to take it to my neighbor and get his opinion on it, it is very wonky right now) they could be done in no time.

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