Dentist Blues

Boy, do these boys love and hate going to the dentist.

Today Brennan loved it, but hated it by the end (3 cavities and a stern lecture from dentist on following the correct way to brush his teeth, then a stern lecture from me with suggested ways he can earn money to help pay for those fillings!  It’s not fair if I am the only one doing all the work.).

Finishing up his cleaning

Jackson was nervous going in, screamed bloody murder while getting X-rays, but came out smiling.

Ethan was just a happy kid and did great from start to finish.

So, here are the results:
2/3 of my kids did great with x-rays

2/3 of my kids do not have cavities.
And, surprisingly, Ethan is the 1 who fits into both categories!  YAY Ethan!

Hopefully Brennan will change his brushing habits and work harder at his dental hygiene and hopefully by November (next cleaning) Jackson will be a bit more mature and able to handle the x-rays.


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