Over and Over and Over again

Have you ever felt like you are living in the movie “Groundhogs Day”?  Where the same thing keeps on happening?
That is how I’ve felt lately when Ethan gets to pick his morning show to watch.  (Don’t judge…you know you do the same thing! )

Ethan in front of a race car at WalMart...another thing he has latched onto..."Remember when I got to see that orange race car? My brothers didn't but I did!"

Every. Single. Time. it is a Ben Ten movie.  The same one (I don’t know the name of it).

Bart bought it via the PlayStation 3 thinking Jack and Brennan would like it.  They did enjoy it.  Once.  Then they moved on to a marathon on Netflix and never looked back.

Ready to watch Ben Ten...again

Somehow Ethan  decided he loved the movie…and so we get to see it every single day.  Movie time is also known as “Mommy Working Time”…but most days I am working in the same room as Ethan and get to ‘enjoy’ the movie with him.  He asks trivia questions about it, talks about it from time to time, and will ask questions about characters in it as well.

I am tempted to just delete it from the system…but I am more afraid he will go back to wanting to watch Toy Story 3 every day (that one went on for months) and I just don’t think I could handle that.  It might drive me to drinking…a Dr. Pepper every movie hour that is.

Ethan is so funny. Here he is "playing" a video game...both teams. And with no tokens!

On the bright side, the movie is less then 1 hour and 10 minutes long, so it is just about the perfect length to let me get some work done.  🙂


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3 Responses to Over and Over and Over again

  1. We went through a Care Bear stage with Gabe. Then it was the Land Before Time Movies. He would watch the same one for months, then he would switch to the next one.

  2. PapaJeff says:

    At least it’s not BABY EINSTEINS in a growly screaming voice all the way to Idaho!

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