The JOYS of BOYS {Post 1}

Some friends and I met up at a local park last week.  The weather was just perfect, so we were all very excited.   If you are in Omaha, you should check out Piedmont Park off of 155/Pacific.  We love it.

As one of my friends walks up to the table we were all sitting at she says, “Hey, Ethan is striping.”
Me, “WHAT?”

Yep…he’d dropped his shorts and his undies and peed on the sidewalk.

It was really awkward.  Not because he’d peed on the sidewalk (that was mostly funny, though he got a stern “talking to”).  No…because what is the socially acceptable thing to do in this situation with the exposed urine?
Do you cover it with sand?  (It was about 1 foot or less from the sand)
Do you dump water on it?
Do you leave it alone, exposed?

I finally decided to cover it with some sand.  We all kept an eye on the kids, but luckily no one went in that general direction.  I know sand is about one of the dirtest things around, but still, I’d rather not KNOW there is pee in my kids sand.

The best part of the excitement?  When I asked Ethan WHY he had peed on the ground, he told me, “My daddy does it.  He showed me how to pee on the sidewalk.  He pees on the sidewalk a lot.”  LOL…I better have a talking to with Mr. Bart.


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5 Responses to The JOYS of BOYS {Post 1}

  1. Tiffany Grimes (Christensen) says:

    This is why I love boys lol!!! My son pretty much was potty trained to pee outside by his dad. My ex’s, Dylan’s dad, family owns a ranch way out in the middle of nowhere. So instead of going upstairs to the restroom, my ex would just step right outside the front door and pee off the patio. Of course, the very smart 2 year old noticed and caught on really fast lol!

  2. Sarah Lynn says:

    Happy I found you again. My little brother once peed his name on a highway while my other brother was being carsick and everybody was busy with him. Good thing he had a short name.

  3. PapaJeff says:

    I’m glad no one I know taught any of your boys to pee off the porch!

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